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Current Projects

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Port of Northern Montana  
Development of Port of Northern Montana Multimodal Hub in Shelby, MT


City of Conrad, MT 
2020  Water System Improvements
2020  Storm Water PER
2020 Splash Park
2019  Shared Use Path
2022 Storm Water and Lift Stations


drummond image.jpg

Town of Drummond, MT 
2020  Capital Improvement Plan
2019  Fire Suppression Water Tank Improvements
2022 Wastewater Improvements


Town of Whitehall, MT 
2020 Water System Improvements
2022 Treatment Facility
2022 Wastewater Mapping & Extensions


City of Helena, MT
Benton Avenue Shared Use Path 
Benton Avenue Transfer Station Intersection
Benton Avenue Turn Lanes
Rodney Street Rehabilitation

joliet image.jpg

Town of Joliet, MT 
2020  Water System PER and Grant Applications
2019 Capital Improvements Plan
2022 Wastewater System
2022 Water Improvements


Town of Sunburst, MT 
2020  Water System PER

Town of Darby, MT 
2020  Wastewater System PER

DarbyPic (1).JPG
RR Crossing.PNG

City of Missoula, MT 

Missoula Quiet Zone Development and Traffic Study


City of Shelby
Hwy 2 Curb and Gutter and Sidewalk Project
Railroad Quiet Zone


vigilante sub map and desc.webp

Vigilante Developers LLC

2019 Vigilante Subdivision

Copper Springs.jpeg

Dynamic Enterprises

2019 Copper Springs PUD

riverbend estates.jpg

Higgins Enterprises LLC

2019 River Bend Estates Phase 1&2
2020 River Bend Estates Phase 3


Water & Sewer Districts

2022 Cooke City


Irrigation Districts
2022 Tin Cup Irrigation
2022 Allendale Ditch Improvements
2022 Flint Creek Irrigation Improvements


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